About us


Roboqbo s.r.l. is on the market since more than 30 years and is one of the leading companies worldwide for industrial cutter and food processing system manufacturing.

Founded in 1978 its core business was the manufacturing of top-table cutters for restaurants, hotels and gastronomy industries and since the very beginning, their main characteristic was stainless steel as construction material.

As time passed by, the production evolved into the manufacturing of professional cutters with increasing capacity and performances in order to meet the needs of both small laboratories and large-scale industry. The main objective of Roboqbo has always been the highest quality standards of the output with focus on reliability, practicality and speed of processing.

These values gave birth in 1997, to the Qbo - Universal Processing System, a new concept of technologically advanced multifunctional cutter able to homogenize, cook, chill, process under vacuum.

Qbo - Universal Processing System units are characterized by a wide range of capacities from 8 to 550 liters, and are the only machines capable of satisfying most production needs in the food processing industry. The Qbo - Universal Processing System is able to replace, through only one single unit, many traditional types of machineries like dough mixers, cutters, mincers, kettles boules and pasteurizers.

For its versatility and ease use, the Qbo - Universal Processing System is a concrete answer to the needs of restaurants, gastronomy, catering, pastry, cheese, bio, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics from small laboratories/restaurants to medium/large food industry.

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