• Date: Feb. 26, 2014

Case Study: Roboqbo delivers extra for the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Company

When high quality product manufacturer The Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Company decided to move into mayonnaise, they turned to Holmach for a solution – who proposed a Roboqbo multi-function processor.

Established in 2008, the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil company started out selling their naturally flavoured Cold Pressed Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil in one size at farmers markets in the region. The popularity of their home-pressed extra virgin oil led to rapid sales growth, but without the technology to support an expanding range.

Installing a 15 litre Roboqbo vessel has allowed the family-run company to actually increase their production, thanks to the machine’s efficiency, with a higher final product quality. Capable of both vacuum and pressure cooking, the technology cooks, cools, emulsifies, mixes and reduces in just one cycle. Different mixing blades and attachments make processing a wide range of foodstuffs within one appliance with vastly reduced cooking times easy, taking only two minutes to set mayonnaise.
Inspired by the desire to make locally processed oil and support British producers, the Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil Company now collaborates with the Chilli Jam Man on the devilishly hot “Jamonnaise”.

Initially, the two companies struggled to process this chilli jam mayonnaise, as neither had the right equipment to ensure the right quality or pack this product. Vacuum processing and cooling simultaneously with RoboQbo’s technology help maintain a strong emulsion that gave perfect results for their new product. Given its wide variety of functions, this machine is ideal for NPD work in various settings.

Since 2011, Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil’s range has increased considerably to include blended dressings, vinaigrettes and mayonnaises, which are all processed by the 15 litre Roboqbo machine.

Adam Palmer, Director of Yorkshire Rapeseed Oil and recently appointed member of the board for Deliciously Yorkshire, had this to say about the machine:
“We’ve been very pleased with the performance of our RoboQbo vessel, which has exceeded all our expectations. In terms of making the “Jamonnaise”, things have definitely improved without the vapours from an open machine. The training and service provided by Holmach throughout have been second to none.”

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